More about me

I delight in organization... bringing order to chaos, keeping things tidy.

It is in my nature to focus, to become absorbed, to specialize. (To a fault)

I find it most enjoyable to learn in a bottom-up fashion: Mastering the basics and building a solid foundation. I'm a book learner. Documentation is a wonderful thing! On the flip side, I have trouble reasoning about things if I don't understand the different things involved.

I love learning, and I'm usually pretty quick at picking things up if the surrounding subject matter is something I understand.

Although I like to learn the fundamentals before diving in, I enjoy navigating problems without being told how exactly something should be done. Being free to use my own problem solving skills and creative spirit is something I highly value.

I am easily discouraged when things don't go well. I'm sensitive.

I have a bad memory, unfortunately, especially if I'm being bombarded with a lot of auditory input and in a new situation. I need to write things down.

I find invention to be one of life's most rewarding endeavors. Whether it is making music, writing an algorithm, designing a programming language, taking a picture, or working on a visual design.

I am rarely able to control my mood if it has soured -- some people can put on a face and deal with their emotions later, but I tend to be the opposite.

Efficiency is something I am always striving for. I delight in Automation. On the flip side, I can't stand repetitive tasks!

When asked to solve the same problem more than once, I am always tempted to explore how to streamline my ability to solve it so that in the future it is trivial.

I like goals: Explicit things that you can check off.

I have a spark of intensity which is related to my focused nature. When I put my mind to something, all cylinders fire.

I'm often captivated by adventurous ideas: Things that push the envelope, introduce a bit of risk/uncertainty, yet are a manageable challenge.

Although I'm adverturous, I'm not without common sense. Some things scare me enough to keep me away.

I believe that explaining a problem to someone else is one of the best strategies for becoming enlightened to its solution.

I'm a slow reader: About 24 pages per hour.

I find it natural to empathize with others, yet am often short sighted to others needs because I am focused elsewhere.

To me, the experience of consiousness is undoubtedly the most profound thing in our observable universe. Sometimes I wonder whether other people don't really appreciate it for what it is. (Ironically, that people are sort of unconsious about their consiousness)

I find the size of the universe breathtaking.

I find infinity a little unsettling.

I don't understand the mechanics of free will, but I have that "common sense" faith in its existance that most people have.

I grew up in Woodstock, Ontario.

I am the middle child and have both older (Rebekah) and younger (Hannah) sisters.

I grew up attending Oxford Baptist Church, and since graduating from university I have been attending St. Jacob's Mennonite Church with Meredith.

Because I'm a technology nutt, I'm a little jelous of our future generations. I wish I could take a peek at what is coming down the road.

I rarely watch a movie more than once. Watching a movie three times would put me over the edge! I don't understand people that watch a movie 5+ times.

Spaghetti is one of my all time favorite foods. It's always a special treat and I've never grown tired of it. Other favorite foods: Steak, BBQ'd chicken and potatoes, roast beef and potatoes, pizza, ceasar salad, greek salad.

Favorite fast foods: McDonalds (sadly), Manchu Wok, Swiss Chalet, Subway

Blueberry cheesecake was my favorite dessert as a kid and it's still right up there. Other favorites: Apple pie, lemon morang, trifle

My comfort food is english muffins with peanut butter and jam.

I somehwat jokingly consider myself a jam conisure... the jam section of a super market brings a smile to my face. What new variety will they have now? My favorites tend to be "double fruit" or "no sugar added" varieties. mmm Smuckers!

I am one for salty snacks. I rarely crave sweet desserts, yet I've always loved candy... figure that one out! My favorites are sour soothers and sour jube jubes.

I enjoy picking new recipes and giving them a whirl. Finding 5-star recipes on usually works quite well.

I'm guilty of sleeping with a fan blowing on me most nights of the summer, even if I don't really need it.

My resting heart rate is typically around 53 bpm, but will dip as low as 47 bpm when I am the most relaxed. My maximum heart rate is 204 bpm.

I'm 6 feet, 4.5 inches tall. And no, I don't play basketball!

I have small feet for my height: 11 1/2. No wonder my feet get sore when I play sports. I'm a mild pronator, more so on the left, and should probably consider orthotics. Maybe next year :) During February 2007 I bought a pair of Mizuno "Wave Rider" running shoes. When I first put my feet into them I was in heaven! They've been fantastic.

I absolutely love physical activity / sports / games... anything involving throwing / aiming / running / jumping, etc.

Ultimate frisbee is my favorite sport, although I've felt less successful at it the last couple of years. I can throw the disc further than most people, which is fun, but not that that really helps. The fact that I'm tall is an asset, but my flick is barely usable, which is a big hinderance. For some reason I love throwing the disc with my left hand, and I get a kick out of making passes while looking in the opposite direction... which can get me into trouble!

Golf is another favorite. I have yet to end up par over 9 holes, which is a goal of mine, but I haven't played that much these last few years. I tend to play my 7 iron a lot rather than using my driver / 3 wood, as they are often unpredictible. My longest drive so far is about 295 yards when I do use a driver.