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This photoshoped image is great
August 29, 2009

Amazing, chilling
August 21, 2009

This Is How the CIA Kills Terrorists Using Predators

Twitter: lancearmstrong
July 31, 2009

I have to admit, in the month or so that I've signed up for Twitter, I haven't seen much that has got me excited. Primarily I've followed the NASA feed, which has been nice but not earth shattering.

One exception: This weekend I added Lance Armstrong, just as he was finishing the second last stage of tour. A little while after he finished, I logged in and there was a personal message from him saying that he felt great today, etc. It was bizarre... it felt like a personal note, very different from anything you'd read in a book or magazine, and it was "live". Wow.

Since then, I've seen a few pictures that Lance has posted while training in Bermuda (I think it was), and then today he posted some pictures of himself freediving at 60 feet (apparently) with some giant sea life. Again, wow! That's some pretty amazing insights into a celebrity's life. And, seriously, freediving to 60 feet in azure waters? I'm seriously jealous!

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