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From time to time I have random thoughts that I feel like writing down, but they don't deserve blog posts, and I wouldn't be bothered to spend time trying to word them in an interesting way, so this page will be a place to scribble them down as I feel like it.

March 14, 2008

When I was at the dentist this month I asked whether they thought Listerene was a good thing. The answer surprised me... to paraphrase: "I have some patients that use Listerene twice a day and their gums look dry and white like a smoker's. The burning sensation gives people the impression that it's doing something, but in addition to killing bacteria, it's hurting your gums."

Windows desktop of the rich and famous
March 3, 2008

Ever notice how the Windows desktop of people really varies? Some people have just a few icons, and they're very organized. Other people have a bunch, and yet others manage to cover their entire desktop with a hundred different icons! I wonder what Bill Gates' desktop looks like, or Bono, etc. It would be cool to have a gallery of the 100 most recognized names and what their Windows desktop looks like.