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3 cavities :(
March 6, 2007

After 21 years of flawless dental records, I am sad to report that I had three cavities filled this week. The freezing is still wearing off this evening. That's some serious motivation to be more consistant at flossing, ugh!

The Room
December 21, 2006

Peter Molyneux recently did a presentation at the GDC to demo The Room, an ultra-realistic graphics/physics simulation that pushes the envelope far beyond anything I've seen. Wow.

Airbus A380 Lands in Canada
December 3, 2006

This week an Airbus A380 is on its way around the world, having stopped in Canada for the first time. Airbus is in the process of certifying the giant A380, capable of carrying an astonishing 800 economy passengers.

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