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Alternating Analog/Digital
January 23, 2018

I once heard it described that the universe seems to be viewable through both an "analog"/continuous lens as well as a "digital"/discrete lens. And furthermore, that as you zoom out from the minute, there can be a kind of back-and-forth between analog and digital models making the most sense.

It makes me wonder whether computation will evolve in a similar way. Maybe our deep neural nets will evolve into systems that mix and match continuous and discrete layers, giving rise to a synergy between the two that takes its abilities to the next level.

That's a pretty raw and not-thought-through idea, but it has a certain ring to it for me...

Tech Watch
December 29, 2017

As a technology person, I find it fun to watch things progress. Here's a list of various things that I'm looking forward to watching in the coming year(s):

Falcon Heavy launch, especially the simultaneous landing of its two side cores back on land.
The Boring Company
Falcon 9 launch cadence
Crew Dragon's unmanned launch
Crew Dragon's crewed launch
Tesla Model 3's production ramp-up
Falcon 9 fairing recovery and reuse
Autonomous Vehicles (Including, hopefully, the "coast to coast" drive from LA to NYC using Autopilot as promised by Elon)
Machine Learning / Deep Learning / GPUs
DeepMind's efforts to win at Starcraft
Automated package delivery
Advanced automation, "lights out" factories
Tesla Semi
Solar roofs
Gigafactory construction and production ramp
Blue Origin New Shepherd
Air taxis, autonomous aircraft, electric aircraft
EV growth
Blue Origin New Glenn
Supercharger Network growth
Elon's goal of "reflight within 24 hours"
"Tesla Network" (autonomous ridesharing fleet)
Tesla Powerwall / Powerpack
Solar prices, Battery prices
SpaceX's Boca Chica launch site
CPU lithography: 10 nm, 7 nm, 5 nm, etc.
SSD sizes / speeds
SpaceX's Mars ambitions.
Elon's Neuralink efforts
Possibility of space tourists during a lunar flyby in 2019
Genetics / CRISPR / Genome Write project / cures for diseases

Vimscript: How to URL Encode a String
January 25, 2017

" URL encode a string. ie. Percent-encode characters as necessary.
function! UrlEncode(string)

    let result = ""

    let characters = split(a:string, '.\zs')
    for character in characters
        if character == " "
            let result = result . "+"
        elseif CharacterRequiresUrlEncoding(character)
            let i = 0
            while i < strlen(character)
                let byte = strpart(character, i, 1)
                let decimal = char2nr(byte)
                let result = result . "%" . printf("%02x", decimal)
                let i += 1
            let result = result . character

    return result


" Returns 1 if the given character should be percent-encoded in a URL encoded
" string.
function! CharacterRequiresUrlEncoding(character)

    let ascii_code = char2nr(a:character)
    if ascii_code >= 48 && ascii_code <= 57
        return 0
    elseif ascii_code >= 65 && ascii_code <= 90
        return 0
    elseif ascii_code >= 97 && ascii_code <= 122
        return 0
    elseif a:character == "-" || a:character == "_" || a:character == "." || a:character == "~"
        return 0

    return 1


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