Learn Spanish


This goal is paired with my desire to learn French. I think I chose to learn Spanish as well as French because just learning French seemed a little boring given that I had already been subjected to it for several years in school. And it helps that Spanish is often noticeably similar to French.

May 2008

As Meredith and I plan for our trip to Europe this summer, I realize that we'll be in Spain for a couple of days amidst Spanish speaking people. I wish I was a few years into this goal so that I knew more than a few nouns!

April 3 2008: Spanish sounds

The Spanish word for blue is azul, but to my surprise this seems to be pronounced as asthul, with somewhat of a th sound. Strange!

January 2008

Before I get into learning a lot of grammar, I'd like to start slow and do something that I've always loved to do: Memorize lists. A goal for 2008 is to pick a couple new Spanish nouns each day, to review that list after five days to make sure I still remember them, and then to review them again after 30 days. Because I also want to learn French, I will learn the same two French words each day. This is intended to be a "soft goal" in that, if I have time to do it on any given day, then great, otherwise not to sweat it.