Start and end my day with prayer each day for a year

June 5, 2009

The year is done! I wish I had journaled more during the year, but here are some thoughts:

It feels good to be consistently rooted in dialog with God. I think many Christians struggle with prayer, and one of those struggles is making it a priority to do on a regular basis.

Once I got in the habit of praying at the start and end of the day, I realized how much I wanted to continue even after the year was complete.

Praying before you go to sleep can be tricky, especially when you're exhausted. I definitely prayed my share of "sleepy prayers"!

It can be tricky keep the breadth of life in prayer. I think it's probably very common for us to have had literally hundreds of relationships with people throughout our lives... even hundreds of extended family members in some cases! Each person, each issue is important, but it's just not practical to pray for everyone on a daily basis! Perhaps there would be value in being a bit "organized" about this, even if that sounds crude, so that you would write down these people's names and over the course of weeks or months you would work through praying for these people. Because while it's not practical on a daily basis, it also feels bizarre to exclude these important people from prayer.

I feel like prayer needs to be supported/supplied/fed. If you pray without having been holding people in your thoughts, it's as if there's nothing to pray about. So what are those things that we can do to cultivate a prayerful spirit that tunes into those people and things in our life that need prayer?

There's definitely lots to be explored here.

September 2008

Some thoughts...

Evening prayers are a time to reflect on the day, to say thank you for all of the good things, and to say sorry when we've let ourselves and others down. The Bible tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger; it might also be good advice to not let the sun go down on our guilt.

Morning prayers are a time to say "hello" and acknowledge God before the madness of life hits. It is a grounding thing to acknowledge God before acknowledging anything else on a daily basis.

June 2, 2008

Prayer is something I often struggle with. Not because it's hard, but because I never seem to prioritize it very well among the other things of life. I guess that's where the term spritual discipline comes from. Hopefully this will be a year of growth. I've paired this goal with reading through the Bible in a year.