Don't eat at McDonald's for a year

January 1, 2008: Mission accomplished

After a year of patiently driving past the golden arches, my goal is complete... a year without stepping foot into McDonalds. And it was easier than I thought. (What would be a lot more challenging is not eating out for a year... wow)

But as easy as it was, it was still rewarding. It's a very interesting sensation to be reminded on a consistent basis "No, I have decided I'm not going to do that". When your mind is firmly set on something like this, it can actual take the "want" right out of it, because the want has been replaced with another, stronger want: To not do it. That being said, I think what made it so easy to switch wants is that a year, while it is a long time, does fly by pretty quick. If I had made it a goal to never eat at McDonalds again, in other words, an open ended goal, I don't think I would have been nearly as strong minded!

On Jan 1, I made sure to celebrate this somewhat silly accomplishment by parking my seat in none other than McDonalds for a couple of juicy Big Macs. It was actually pretty hard to walk through the doors. I felt like the walls were watching me, that I was violating some sacred principle! I was antsy as I ordered -- was I really allowed to be doing this? :)

Interestingly, in the few times I've been back in 2008, my stomach has usually felt a bit funny afterwards. Have I lost my McDonalds enzymes? :)

December 2007

To tell you the truth, this one sort of flew by. I can't believe it's been a year already! In contrast, it has only been 5 months since I stopped drinking pop and it has felt like an eternity! It will be fun to go pig out on some McDonalds in January... I'm definitely thinking 3 Big Macs :) ... with water I guess.

January 2007

Ok, don't take me too seriously: I love McDonalds. It's probably my favorite fast food joint. But it's a sinful pleasure isn't it? Who can forget that movie "Super Size Me". One of my to-dos for 2007 is to not step foot in McDonalds. Four months down, eight to go. Hey, maybe I should celebrate next January with a big juicy big mac! hmm.