Learn to knit

June 10, 2007

While Meredith and I were church camping this weekend, Sue Shantz taught me the basic knitting stitch, so I practiced 15 or so stitches. It's sort of fun, but when you look at an entire sweater or shawl, it's hard to fathom how someone can knit that much!

Next I need to learn the purl stitch and find something to practice the knit and purl stitches on... and then, according to my directions below, I will need to learn how to "knit in the round". What I'd like to knit is a little baby sweater -- I was inspired by a little green one that Tamara did last year. Very cute!


Notes from Tam:

Basic knit and purl stitch
Cast on, bind off
Knitting in the round (sleve, sock, mitten)