Rapberry jam

July 21, 2007

When I was 10 I had the opportunity of staying with my grandma and grandpa Bigham for a week or two while my parents vacationed in Florida. I remember that my dear grandmother would always have the kitchen tidy and the breakfast table set before bed. The next morning, we would gather at the little round table, often covered with a colourful table cloth, for breakfast. My grandma Bigham's jams were a delight. Her tart, sweet, raspberry freezer jam was my favorite.

So this weekend, while Meredith was away in Ottawa, I decided I'd make some raspberry jam for the first time. I grabbed my back pack, a couple 1-pint cartons, and headed off on my bike to Nauman's.

It was a perfect day for picking, and I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the raspberry patch for half an hour, sometimes standing bent over, other times sitting in the grass peering into the foliage to see if there were any berries I had missed. A couple times I bumped my carton and I imagined how horrified you'd be if you knocked it over. On the other side of the row was a elderly couple that reminded me of my grandparents... it's pretty neat to be blessed with so many fond memories.