Hit a hole in one

Must be >= 130 yards from the tee

July 6, 2007

I watched the CBC news last night at around 10:30 and there was this short clip about how golfers' scores typically don't get noticeably worse with age. They interviewed this cute old lady from Turkey Point who was retired, played 3 days a week, and had two holes in one in the last five months. Two in five months?!!

June 19, 2006

On Monday, dad and I played the creekside golf course in Woodstock. Although it consists mainly of par 3s, I find the pace of play quite enjoyable. It makes for a lot of tee shots, and a good number of reasonable shots at a hole in one. I've started to wonder whether I'll ever get one... the odds aren't great, especially when you rarely hit the green! But I had quite a good night on Monday and actually had two close calls. The first was a tiny 110 yard par 3. I hit my pitching wedge right at it... the ball landed 11 feet in front of the hole and then rolled 2.5 past the pin. But the really close call was an 180 yard par 3. I hit my 7 iron; not a pretty shot, but the ball ended up about 1.5 feet directly behind the hole. I have to wonder how it got there: Maybe I even liped out?! Anyway, it was an exciting event and it made me realize that while the odds are slim, it is in fact quite possible.