Learn French


Isn't it funny how a subject can be of little interest in school, but later on in life can be something you aspire to learn? I guess it's psychology 101: A person often reacts negatively when they're forced to do something without a contextual reason for why they should need or want to do it. I think what made the switch for me was hearing Meredith speak French to someone while we were traveling in Europe. Suddenly it was this neat thing that I couldn't do.

February 2008

January was a great start but February has been a little spotty. I'll need to make it more of a priority to do this first thing in the morning while I'm eating breakfast.

The website I've been using is http://www.wordreference.com/, which allows you to translate an English word into either French or Spanish. Some words even have an audio link, which is extremely helpful for Spanish, but more often then not the audio link is missing.

This has been a lot of fun so far! I like how gentle an approach this is, and yet as I look at objects around the room I am reminded that my vocabulary is definitely growing.

January 2008

I'd like to get started on this goal. I realize it's a long process, not something you cram for, so the sooner I start the better! When Meredith was asking me for ideas for Christmas presents, I mentioned that either a French or Spanish learning tool would be a good one. Paul got me a set of audio CDs, "Instant Immersion French", which is the #1 selling language series worldwide.

Before I get into learning a lot of grammar, I'd like to start slow and do something that I've always loved to do: Memorize lists. A goal for 2008 is to pick a couple new French nouns each day, to review that list after five days to make sure I still remember them, and then to review them again after 30 days. Because I also want to learn Spanish, I will learn the same two Spanish words each day. This is intended to be a "soft goal" in that, if I have time to do it on any given day, then great, otherwise not to sweat it.