Updating the Windows App

Recent Updates

Week of May 14, 2012

  • Stability improvements.
  • Fixed: Some users were hearing audio but not seeing video.
  • Fixed: If the computer's monitor went into standby mode during movie playback, the video would freeze while the audio continued.
  • Fixed: The volume controls lagged and the audio of the movie would become static-ey after using them. (BlackBerry app version 12.0, awaiting approval by RIM)
  • Fixed: The slight seam in the audio every 10 seconds has been eliminated. (BlackBerry app update released May 18, version 11.0)
  • Fixed: The audio and video synchronization was off by 1/7th of a second.
  • Fixed: The app will now direct audio to your HDTV when the HDMI cable is plugged in. (BlackBerry app update released May 18, version 11.0)
  • Fixed: Previously if the Windows application was exited via the "Exit" menu and then started again, it couldn't accept new connections, and the user would have to log off of Windows and log back in again to get it working.
  • Released a helper app named Flix Movie Selector, available now in App World, which makes selecting a movie substantially easier. Once the BlackBerry NDK supports embedding a web browser directly into the Flix app, this helper app will be superfluous.

How to Install Windows App Updates

If you installed or updated the Windows app after May 15, 2012, then it should automatically check for updates and prompt you if one is available every time you log on to Windows, or any time you exit the Windows app via the "Exit" menu and start it again. (To start it again: Start menu, All Programs, "Daniel Bigham" program group)


  • Right click the Windows taskbar (not tray) at the bottom of your screen in an empty region.
  • In the resulting popup menu, click "Start Task Manager":
  • You should now see a window such as the following:
  • Click the "Image Name" column as highlighted above to sort the list alphabetically.
  • Click the row named "Flix.exe" as highlighted above.
  • Click the "End Process" button bottom right.
  • A dialog will appear asking you to confirm. Click "End Process" in this confirmation dialog.
  • Now start Flix again: Click your Start menu, then "All Programs", find the "Daniel Bigham" program group, and finally click "Flix"
  • When Flix starts up, it should prompt you to install an update if one is available.