Give blood 200 times

Currently: I've given blood 12 times

Why I want to do it: It's fun and it helps people. Car accident victims and heart surgery patients can use over 100 units of blood. When you donate blood, you're only giving 1 unit -- so you can imagine how hospitals can go through a lot of it in a hurry.

2006 was my first year donating blood, and you can give blood every 60 days or so... it will take me about 35 years of consistant visits to reach my goal of 200. I should be about 60 :)

My blood type: O+

#8: June 11, 2007, #9: August 9, 2007, #10: November 2007, #11: January 17, 2008, #12: March 12, 2008, #13: June 2008, #14: September 25, 2008, #15: January 2009, #16: March 21, 2009

Larry hits 100

A member of Meredith and I's small group at church will reach his 100th blood donation this June, and is inviting 100 friends to join him in June to celebrate his achievement. Nice work Larry!

Blood pressure

When I gave blood this month, I figured I'd pay attention to my blood pressure reading for once: 146/76. The 146 number is decided high. Optimally, an individual is below 120 ... on average, below 130, and hopefully not above 140. The 76 number, though, is just dandy, since it is optimally below 80. I was curious why the one number was poor and the other number good.

Last night I was passing by Shoppers Drug Mart so I figured I'd test myself again. I've heard that blood pressure can vary quite a bit, so if you're trying to get a more accurate picture of where you're really at, you need to test yourself a few different times and at different times of the day. My test last night came out at 126/86. Sure enough, that's quite different than my first test. Thankfully the 126 number is much better.

There's just something about physiology that brings a smile to my face :)

#7: March 14, 2007

Two days ago at work, I was leafing through the KW Record and saw a large picture of our next door neighbour Gary who is the outreach pastor at a local church. He had volunteered his church when another group in town asked churches to have donor parties to encourage their members to give blood. Good idea!

#6: January 17, 2007

I've also signed up for the bone marrow donor registry, which was as easy as reading a short brochure and getting a blood test on Victoria St. one noon hour.

#3: July 18, 2006, #4: September 18, 2006, #5: November 14, 2006

#2: May 15, 2006

I had to delay this appointment by a week since I was feeling a little crummy last week... another fun visit. I'll bring a book next time. I overheard one of the nurses say that the KW area is one of the highest per capita donating areas in Canada. Go KW! :)

#1: March 13, 2006

I gave blood for my first time -- it was fun! Ironically I found the pin prick to my finger to test my blood iron level to be more painful than the actually needle for taking blood. Next time I'll need to drink lots of water the day before and day.