Have a date with Meredith each week for a year

June 5, 2008

It's amazing how quickly this year has gone!

Here are some thoughts:

It's not necessarily "what" you do, it's "how you do it". Well, ok, not entirely, but I think you get the point. Having a date can be very simple, so long as your attitude is right and you're both present.

I still need to work on the "long term planning" aspect of dating, because while the point above is valid and important, it is still good to put thought and planning into dates.

It's definitely challenging to be able to do something interesting with a little one around!

Now that the year is done, I hope it will continue to be priority to do something together at least once a week.

June 2, 2008

It's amazing how easy it is once married to loose sight of the importance of dating. Why is that?

This year, Meredith and I will make a conscious effort to do something fun together once a week. These things don't need to be expensive or drastic, they can be as simple as walking together.

We're excited to dream up a fun list of things to do!

What we did

Movie (Iron Man)
Home made dinner (new recipe) and a bike ride to St. Jacobs and back
Read some of our journals from our 2004 trip to Greece/Turkey
On vacation in Europe
On vacation in Europe
Biking the Iron Horse Trail, picnic in Victoria Park, then stopping by and visiting with friends afterwards
Supper and a movie (Gourmet Pizza and Silent Light)
Rogers Cup (Toronto Tennis tournament)
Daniel join's Meredith as her buddy at her Walking Room 6k walk
Dinner at Ben Thanh's
Chip and putt
Rented movie (Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?)
Night preparing food for Meredith's church function
Swiss Chalet takeout and Planet Earth
Dinner at Ethel's
Late evening wings at the Huether Hotel
Making a Thanksgiving dinner with Meredith and Emily
A walk to enjoy the fall colors
Meredith made me a spaghetti dinner to celebrate our 3rd anniversary
Watching Meredith's TV show and reading our baby book together
Carving our pumpkin for Halloween
Double date with the Beatties
Daniel's birthday: The Keg and Wall-E
Meredith's birthday: A day of shopping in Toronto and The Sound of Music
Registering at Babies 'R Us
Getting and setting up our Christmas tree
Our Christmas
Test driving a 2009 Subaru Forester
Movie: Slumdog Millionaire
Dinner at Marbles and buying a stroller, car seat, and an iMac
Saturday errands together, getting lots done
The first few episodes of 24 season 7
Settlers of Catan (Meredith won)
The Keg, in celebration of 4 years since our engagement
Wolfgang Puck in Downtown Disney
Kitchener Market
Grocery shopping, flowers, making supper together, playing board games
Building baby furniture together
Setting up the baby's room
Settlers of Catan during Earth Hour candle light (Meredith continues to whoop me)
Eli's birth! (How's that for a date?!)
Going for our first outing: A walk together to visit friends
Catching up on LOST
Cleaned up the downstairs and made a candle-lit dinner. We made it about 5 minutes before Eli got upset!
Swiss Chalet delivery and watching the LOST season finale
Watching the 24 season finale
A picnic in the park to celebrate 6 years since we made our relationship official
MCC Relief Sale in New Hamburg