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For a while now I've wanted a place to write down memories... random flashbacks to the years past. Here is a start...

Hanging from the catalpa
July 14, 2007

When I was 13, I was a featherweight of a kid, weighing in at 99 pounds. I had just finished grade eight, and had enjoyed being on the wrestling team. But I was still a bit of a weakling, and I wasn't yet able to do a chinup. The next best thing was hanging from tree branches. We had a catalpa tree in the back yard at the cottage, and there was this one branch that was the perfect height to hang from, 8 feet off the ground. It became a bit of an endurance test between Graham and I and a place to hang out. The next year I was finally strong enough to do a chinup, and soon I was doing 10. Well the tree is gone, but it's fun to remember one of the many ways I enjoyed the catalpa.

June 17, 2007

Summer is here. I'm upstairs at our place and it has to be at least 30 degrees... what I wouldn't give for a nice dip in lake Erie right now! Thinking back to all of my summers spent at the lake, I remember making a fascinating discovery: While you're under water, if you take your hands and form a canopy over your eyes like you do when it's really bright outside, then carefully blow air upwards, the air forms a bubble over your eyes, held in place by your hands, that allows you to see under water as if you had goggles on. I'm sure this has been discovered many many times, but I was thoroughly pleased with myself!

Pretzels and Cola
June 10, 2007

I think it's neat how our brains come to associate one thing with another. Meredith and I were at church camping this weekend, sitting around a campfire. And as I started to eat some pretzels, the thought of a nice cold cola came to mind. I was taken back to the many summer nights at Turkey Point that Graham, Colin and I would haul my PC and subwoofer over to his cottage and hook it up to their TV so that we could watch DVDs, which at that time were new on the market. Graham was a huge pretzel fan, and inveitably the Coke would also come out. There we were: Lounged out on the couches, laughing, feasting on those salty pretzels and slurping back Coke. I can still hear the ring of ice hitting the sides of the glasses.

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