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People are always talking about making lists of adventurous things they'd like to accomplish during their lifetime. Here's my list, and what follows are notes about what I'm currently up to.

Balsamic Braised Chicken
June 3, 2008

A nice chicken recipe, lots of flavor, goes well with a flavored rice and veggies.

Recipe on

Started: Try a new recipe each week for a year
June 2, 2008

Something that both Meredith and I enjoy is trying new food, especially when we get to cook it ourselves. But within the business of life, it's easy to lose creativity and just make the tried tested and true recipes.

This year, we're going to try and make one new recipe each week. We'll plan to do it on Monday, and if that doesn't work, Tues, or Wed. will be a big help, as well as Simply in Season, and some other good cook books that we have.

Bon appetit!

Started: Go on a date with Meredith each week for a year
June 2, 2008

It's amazing how easy it is once married to loose sight of the importance of dating. Why is that?

This year, Meredith and I will make a conscious effort to do something fun together once a week. These things don't need to be expensive or drastic, they can be as simple as walking together.

We're excited to dream up a fun list of things to do! We're going to start after Meredith is done her exam this weekend.

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