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Defining intelligence
December 16, 2009

Thought of the day:

Intelligence is the ability to form high level concepts from low level observations, and then to be able to relate those high level concepts to new low level observations to solve problems.

"Euphoria" engine
July 29, 2009

This engine attempts to create more dynamic realistically animated and characters.



Maybe I'm cruel, but I think it would be fun to have a Windows desktop with this little character standing on your taskbar, and you'd be able to run your mouse cursor into him and he's fall over... or you could really ram your cursor into him and he'd go flying across the screen. There would be all sorts of ways to take him down, such as swiping his legs out from underneath him, etc. He could also duck to avoid your cursor, etc.

Tracking exercise
June 9, 2009

I love to keep stats on how far I've walked, run, and biked, but it can be a bit time consuming. Sometimes it's fun to link to a Google map of where you went, but again, that takes time.

What I've realized is that devices that have an integrated GPS and wi-fi connection could completely automate this process. (ex. BlackBerry or iPhone)

Via the GPS, the device knows how fast you're moving, and so it becomes obvious whether you're:

Walking (Average speed of 2 km/h - 7 km/h)
Running (Average speed of 7 km/h - 17 km/h)
Biking (Average speed of 17 km/h or more)

The software would need to be smart enough to know that if the person was cruising along at 25 km/h and then dropped down to 12 km/h for a few minutes, that should indicate a hill, not that they got off their bike and started jogging, etc, but these are fairly minor challenges.

Thus, the device knows exactly when you're walking/running/biking, how fast you're going at any particular point, your average speed, what route you took, etc.

With the wi-fi connection, it could upload those stats once you're home, again, automatically.

With a nice web user interface, you could then do the following:

Given any day, week, month, year, or range of dates, see:

The total number of miles in each category
The total number of outings in each category
The total number of calories burned
Average pace
Graphs. ex. one bar per activity (by distance or time) per week (the possibilities are endless)

Given any particular outing:

Average pace
Maximum pace
Calories burned
A Google map showing the route

What I find so fascinating by this is that it doesn't require any work on the part of the user... just having their cell phone with them, which people usually do. There's nothing else to remember or do. Wow.

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