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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update
June 7, 2006

Microsoft finally released the Xbox 360 Dashboard Update yesterday. It was fun to come home after work, turn it on, and sure enough, it prompted right away to download the update. I was pleased to find out when I first heard about the update that they were adding support for queueing downloads and downloading in the background. Good to hear they're listening to their fanbase :) The unfortunate thing is, with this feature enabled it doesn't take long to explore all of the interesting content on Xbox Live. Suddenly you're limited by the amount of content instead of how quickly you can download it... shoot :)

The most innovative desktop switcher ever
May 28, 2006

Check it out:

Blue-ray blunder
May 19, 2006

There's been quite a bit of buzz lately around the PS3's price, with Sony defending it by arguing that the blu-ray capability alone makes it worth it. I have to wonder about blu-ray. Yes, it sounds like a good technology, but am I the only one that has to scratch their head at the price?

Postscript: I saw an article yesterday stating that Sony made a mistake by marrying the PS3 and blu-ray technologies till death do them part. I have to agree.