Learn the birthday and anniversary dates of my family

(as far as first cousins once removed)

April 8, 2008

At long last, I have tracked down all of the dates. The most difficult date to find was the date my grandpa Green was married to his first wife Christena. Fortunately Oxford Baptist Church had the date in their records, so I'm all set.

Now to finish learning them all...

People: 89
Birthdays + anniversaries: 118

April 1, 2008

People: 89
Known birthdays/anniversaries: 117
Missing birthdays/anniversaries: 1
Known + missing: 118

Wow, it took two years to assemble all of the dates. Who knew it would take so much time? I'm still missing Christena and Don's wedding date, which would be nice to figure out.

I've done a "once through" memorization, but I'll need to spend a bit more effort, especially on Meredith's side of the family before I really know all of the dates.

April 19, 2006

The first step is to list everyone...