Beliefs : Bible

I believe that the Bible is God's Word; that God is the divine author of the Bible, and thus that it is inerrant.

While it is known that the physical authors of the Bible consist of a variety of men who lived over the span of many centuries, I believe that God's Spirit worked through these people to inspire its content.

Now, to be honest, the inerrancy of scripture, while it is something that I have faith in, can be a tricky belief to defend. Often times when reading the Bible, there are apparent contradictions, and several events recorded in the Old Testament are hard for our scientific minds to imagine! Jonah and the whale is one story in particular that I am especially humble about understanding as literal truth.

Historically, a position of Biblical inerrancy has perhaps been, in at least some part, a reaction to the slippery slope that people find themselves on when they are more relaxed/liberal on the matter. If you let yourself be the judge of what makes sense, where do you stop?

What unites Christians who differ in their understanding of Biblical inerrancy/infallability is the recognition that the scientific details of the Bible aren't at the thrust of what God's Word is intended to communicate to mankind.

And yet, it remains an important, practical issue, that every Christian should wrestle with.